About Us

Back Street Motorcyles is a small shop that features runners, projects and donor motorcycles for those who like to ride, wrench and build bikes their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy from you?

    Our shop has limited hours. We are located by the Rice Paddy. Give us a call - ask for Graham.

  • What about financing?

    We offer 44 Day layaway - hold your bike with a deposit - pick it up within 44 Days when you've got the balance.

  • What about the warranty?

    We do our best to describe and communicate "what's right" and "what's wrong" with each bike and be straight forward and tell it like it is.

    We are not here to pressure anyone into a bike or mislead them about a used motorcycle.

    While we do our best to describe what's right and wrong, there may be hidden issues that we are unaware of or unable to know of - and because of that - unable to tell you about. Recognize that used bikes are just that - they're used and parts, engines, wiring and switches can break, act intermittently and just plain don't work. Used bikes aren't for everybody.


    We do our best to tell it like it is.
    If you're not sure about the motorcycle, then don't buy it.

    Bikes are used and are sold as is - where is - like it is.

  • What about the title?

    All bikes have a valid Ohio title, unless otherwise stated.

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Used Motorcycles

Back Street Motorcycles - Making Bikes Breathe Again

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I see motorcycles differently

"I'm not looking for a brand new motorcycle or even one that's done. Where's the skill in that? I want a project bike that I can pull back from the damned and make both of us breathe again..."

Used Motorcycles

Back Street Motorcycles - Making Bikes Breathe Again