1988 Kawasaki ZL-1000

"ELIMINATOR - Give me a Brake!"

1988 Kawasaki ZL-1000 Eliminator


Good condition. Low miles. The ZL1000 was the next iteration of the ZL900, using the engine from the ZG1000 Concours and 34 mm carburetors. The ZL1000 was only available for 2 years, 1987 and 1988.

Engine: Water cooled inline 4 with dual overhead camshafts and 16 valves. This is the evolution of the GPz900r Ninja engine that Kawasaki developed, redefined high horsepower, in a compact size. Putting out over 120 HP, the Eliminator engine was tuned and geared - to give more low-end grunt and mid-range performance than trying to achieve high top end performance found in the Ninja 900/1000.


A really good bike that just needs someone to turn a wrench and bleed the front brakes, and replace the fuel petcock. The weeping oil around the water pump seal - could be done anytime this summer or fall.

  • Low Miles - 17,717 miles
  • Desirable model - with power to spare!
  • Comfortable ride
  • Clear Ohio Title
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